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Your Separation Date is important in PA divorce filings because it:
  • is the cut-off date for valuing Marital Assets;
  • it is the cut-off date for determining Marital vs Separate Marital Debt; and
  • it affects grounds available for your divorce.

Under Pennsylvania Divorce Law your Separation Date is the date you and your spouse begin to live as two separate people and no longer as a married couple. You do not have to be physically separated. You can both literally still be living under the same roof after the Separation Date.

Because it is such important date it is important to discuss your situation with an experienced divorce lawyer. Making mistakes with regard to your Separation Date can:

  • affect the valuation of Marital Assets;
  • perhaps cause substantial increases in debt to be included in Marital Debt you didn't think you were responsible for;
  • and prolong your divorce.

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